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School with Hostel in Dharampur Valsad

BR International School is the Best School with Hostel in Dharampur Valsad provides separate residential facilities for boys and girls on campus. Both the hostels of girls and boys are well equipped with all the facilities that help the children live and grow in an environment similar to their home. We have experienced and trained staff including a housemistress and a housemaster, along with other support staff, who works for the well-being of the children and ensures that all the needs of students are fully met.

Students experience a unique life while staying in a hostel. It's a well-known fact that hostel life increases confidence and makes a child independent and develops his/her mental and psychological strength. A hostel is a place where you make friends for life.

We at BR International School provide the best environment and resources to our students so that they can make great future paths for themselves. The BR International School is the best school with hostel in Dharampur Valsad.

Best School with Hostel Facility in Dharampur Valsad

B.R. International School with hostel in Dharampur Valsad closely detect your child's talent, interests, and motivates them to follow these interests over the years with the help of their devoted and expert teaching staff. A child's mind never stops learning in a this school, and here is where you should know that a School with hostel facility in Dharampur Valsad of quality and excellence will offer the best atmosphere to your child where he will increase his academic skills and learn life lessons.

Hostel life builds group spirit and minimizes individual dissimilarities. The best thing about hostel life is that it helps to build the character of the student and makes them strong enough to face the competitive world. The best School with hostel facility in Dharampur Valsad constructs your child's overall growth. We offer a very comfortable, caring, and assemble life. Our boarders provide career counseling and personality development programs.

Why choose the best School with Hostel in Dharampur, Valsad

BR International School is constructed to take care of all the important aspects of the school environment. We provide a social and learning environment that is highly favorable, that helps in learning and building a sense of responsibility.

We provide individual bedstead, wardrobe to every student to keep their belongings properly. Our hostels are fully air-conditioned, mosquito-free, and are kept hygienically clean. In common rooms, we have all types of indoor games and other facilities like a DVD player, educational magazines, etc. Apart from wardens, matrons, we have assigned special house mothers to look after your children. We have fixed hours for play, studies, and other activities. All these facilities make us the best School with Hostel Facility in Valsad

In the evening time when students do their homework and studies, teachers guide students with their studies. A team of medical staff is available 24 hours in the hostel to keep children medically fit. To go outside the school, students have to take permission from senior teachers. In BR International school, we teach children the proper ways to do day to day activities like general cleanliness, when to play, when to study, learning manners, respecting elders, boosts their confidence and how to interact properly, etc.

Know About Hostel Facilities in Dharampur Valsad

We have a big modern mess with a capacity of serving 250 students at a time. A balanced diet is served to students which fulfill their body requirements. To provide a feeling of home and a friendly atmosphere, teachers also take their meals with the students.

The hostel building is well designed with big comfortable rooms to provide a home feeling to students. Hostel life begins early in the morning with warm-ups and exercises. The students are kept with the planned studies, activities, evening games, and free time hobbies. We also work towards the entertainment of students by providing them time to play indoor games like table tennis, gym, carom, chess and a fixed time to watch TV. A balanced diet full of nutrition is provided under the supervision of a dietician. We also provide fresh fruits and milk to every student every day and an extra special diet is provided on the recommendation of the dietician and doctor. All these facilities make us the best School with hostel facility in Dharampur Valsad.

School with Hostel FAQ's

We are a well-known school with hostel in Valsad. We have a big well-designed hostel with comfortable rooms. We provide individual beds and almirah to every student to keep their stuff.

Yes, we have separate hostels for boys and girls.

Certain entertaining activities are organized on the campus or they are taken out in an organized way.

We have wardens, housemasters, and a tutor, who helps students with everything. We also have maids and housekeeping to clean the hostels and help the young children in getting ready.

The students play outdoor and indoor games. They also go to the gym and swimming pool. They watch TV for a fixed time every day.