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Music and Dance

“There is Music in every child, it is teacher’s job to find it and nurture it.” “A teacher ignites the fire that fuels a disciple’s thirst for learning, knowledge and wisdom.”

Music nourishes the soul as well as the mind by uplifting the spirit to a blissful state of consciousness. B.R. International School has very extensive arrangement for music-training to its students. Various forms of music – vocal, instrumental, dance, and others – have always played a very significant role in human lives. It is an established fact that music is extremely crucial during the development of a child and it has the incredible ability to positively impact a child’s early education

Music develops, in children, the intellectual capability, emotional capability, and social capability.

Studies have established the positive impact of early musical training on intellectual and academic growth of children. It helps develop those brain areas that are involved in language and reasoning. It also enhances the ability of the students to perceive the world accurately and to form mental pictures of things – necessary to perform tasks ranging from packing a book-bag to solving advanced mathematics problems. Enhancement of motor skills and memory skills is another impact of music.

For a child, music is means to attaining calmness, motivation, and affection. Researches show that children recognize the melody of a song long before they can understand the words. Togetherness, teamwork, inter-personal skills, empathy, sharing, building relationships, and co-ordination are some of the social skills that music develops in children.

B.R. International School has made sure to provide the best music training to its students. It is our endeavor to develop our students with the elements of music through highly acclaimed music entities of national and international repute.