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Audio Visual Room

With time and growing technologies, it has been established that students are receptive to learning and gaining knowledge through auditory sense as well as the visual sense other than just through literature

Students are receptive to not just learning through books but also through auditory and visual sense methods. Audio-visual methods through various researched have been found to be a very effective means for students to retain knowledge. At B. R. International, the vision is to make sure that the students have been provided with all the options to make it convenient for them to gain knowledge through various means. In order to ensure the same, a magnificent audio-visual center equipped with a large projection screen and high quality surround system has been set up. The purpose of this facility is to introduce new methods to learn and demonstrate topics in multiple ways. These methods could help enhance learning speed, improve comprehension, and increase retention and better performances of the students. We have focused on providing the best of facilities to our students to establish more than one channel to impart knowledge effectively and efficiently.