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Play Group School in Dharampur Valsad

The main motto of the BR International School – the best play group school in Dharampur Valsad is to provide an atmosphere where the kids can feel safe and secure while learning and having a good time with their friends. As the best play school in Dharampur Valsad, we have bought a new perspective to the play group teaching. We focus on providing the highest quality of daycare center services in a safe and loving environment to the kids. Our play group school in Dharampur Valsad promotes learning programs mainly through music, drama, dance, art, field trips, puppet shows, indoor and outdoor activities.

At BR International School, to make the child mentally and physically active, we make children indulge in fun activities. We, one of the best play schools in Dharampur Valsad, believes that just theoretical learning is not enough for the overall growth of a child's intellect. We organize extracurricular activities that play an important role in better learning and results in developing a child's brain and enhance their character. We enable children to develop a lifelong love for learning and studies by using a carefully crafted curriculum. We want children to discover the wonders of childhood through creative play and social interaction.

Childhood is the most crucial phase of a person's life which makes the selection of the right playgroup important. Our highly qualified teachers ensure that your child learns by using interactive tools and technology and not just by instructions.

Play School in Dharampur Valsad

At BR international school your child feels like a home away from home and feels safe and secure as a home where they can explore, discover, and learn. At BR international school, academic sessions and group activities go hand in hand with the physical well-being, creative expression, and social development of kids. Intelligence in kids develops socially, as all kids are born with the same brain. We believe that with confidence, children can do magic with their unexplored thoughts and ideas. Our teachers act as counselors to nourish the potential talent of each child. We have a large number of playschool toys for a joyful learning experience for your kids.

We believe that the foundation of a successful and happy career is started at an early age. Therefore, we constantly bring new and innovative curriculum, and teaching ideas and methods. We are the leading play school in Dharampur Valsad.

We believe that the foundation of a successful and happy career is started at an early age. Therefore, we constantly bring new and innovative curriculum, and teaching ideas and methods. We are the leading play school in Dharampur Valsad.

Choose the best Play Group School in Dharampur Valsad

We at "BR International School" provide every facility that a parent wants in a play group school in Valsad

We keep the teacher-student ratio small so that teachers can give individual attention to every child. We welcome parents to join the classes as it creates a perfectly familiar and friendly environment for the child. Personal care of the child helps the teachers and parents know their child's personality. All the teachers of our school are highly experienced in personal care. We have modern playrooms with ample space. We care for the security and safety of all kids and have 24 hours CCTV surveillance of each classroom and corridor.

Some other features of Play School

We provide all the facilities that are required in a day Play Group School. We are one of the best Play Group School in Dharampur Valsad.

High-Quality Care

We provide complete care to kids that help us to understand the kids behavior in a well-manner.

Helpful Nutrition

Natural and high nutrition food gives the child enough energy for all day and necessary elements for healthy growth.

Educational Games

Interesting games are the best way to explain the educational information to the children as well as they are full of fun and joy.

Play group School FAQ's

Play School has become an important stage in the development of a child because of the following reasons:

  • The child learns the discipline of attending a school.
  • The child learns to interact with others.
  • It has been proven scientifically that children grasp more at an early age compared to teen and adult age.

Yes, our play school in Dharampur provides the best and safe transportation facility. The charges differ as per the distance from the school.

We generally don't allow half-day leaves but however, in case of emergencies, the parents have to come personally to collect the child.

With the help of visuals and animations, children learn the topic faster. The recent researches in the field highlight the fact that a student learns and recalls faster through visuals than any other medium.