Education is a necessary tool that opens the window to a bright future. Admission process for session 2022-2023 has started

School Rules

  1. (a) Punctuality and regularity in attendance is essential.

(b) Students who come to school late or have been absent the previous day must bring a letter of explanation  without fail. In case of illness a medical certificate should be provided.

(c) Students must strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during regular school hours.

  1. (a) Students must come to school in neatly laundered uniform and polished shoes. Hair should be trimmed and nails must be cut regularly. Trinkets, jewellery etc. should not be worn in the school.

(b) Behave in a lady like manner o all occasions. They should address all members of the staff with due respect and politeness.

  1. Students are not allowed to leave the class without the permission of the teacher. While moving in between the classes in the corridors, students should move in such a way that no class is distrubed. Students should be orderly  and quite and not hurt.
  2. Respond positively and take part in all school activities, even when such activities take place out of the usual school hours.