Education is a necessary tool that opens the window to a bright future. Admission process for session 2022-2023 has started

Vision, Mission and Core Values


We have vision for long time and firm determination on our action plan to provide quality education in latest facilities at reasonable cost. Keeping globalization in our vision, policies are laid down favouring success of our students at national level and global level. We firmly believe in offering a progressive academic curriculum as well as an extensive range of extra curricular activities which promote the holistic development of our students.


To provide a stimulating learning environment through activities with technological orientation in conjunction with computer aided audio visual teaching aids related to whole curriculum, which maximises individual potential and ensures that students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of life. We a r e c o m m i t t e d f o r a l l - r o u n d development of a child to produce successful citizens to our nation. We emphasize on life skills to make a child successfully adjustable according to Indian life style, Systems & Traditions.


Humility: True learning leads to humbleness, or in the words of our great sages.

Determination: Determination is the ability to remain firmly rooted in what one believes despite the storm of fierce adversities.

Integrity: Integrity - Integrity -in mind, heart, and soul- is the essence of mankind which we imbue our children with.

Courage: Courage and conviction is sculpted right through childhood at B.R. International School.