Vision, Mission and Core Values


Our vision is to emerge as a global school. Through our universal pedagogical perspective that inspires dynamic learning ensuring holistic development of the students empowering them to achieve truly international achievements and recognition in every sphere of knowledge, performance and life.


Our mission is to provide an education system that centres on developing on four most important aspects of achievements: Critical Thinking Skill, Problem Solving Acumen, Kinesthetic Learning and a Curriculum drawn from international sources. These ingredients, along with a focus on imbibing socio-emotional intelligence occupy our entire activities to guide our students on path to success identifying their individual potential for self actualization.


Humility: True learning leads to humility, or in the words of our great sages “ There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self.”

Determination: Determination is the ability to remain firmly rooted in what one believes despite the storm of fierce adversities. We believe in inculcating culture in our students with its spirit.

Integrity: Integrity -in mind, heart, and soul- is the essence of mankind which we imbue our children with.

Courage: Courage and conviction is sculpted right through childhood at B.R. International School.