Education is a necessary tool that opens the window to a bright future. Admission process for session 2022-2023 has started

Vice Chairman Message

Across the globe, education is considered to be the most precious gift any parent can bestow upon their child. It is my belief, that, in order to embrace a good education, a child must be happy in life. A contented child is one that will be compassionate, generous in heart and open to learning in the widest possible sense. Our role of educators is thus much greater than being simply 'in the classroom' and imparting knowledge. I believe our role at B.R.International School, Dharampur is to model a way of life that shows both leadership and humility, offers kindness hand-in-hand with guidance; encourages risk taking w i t h i n t h e b o u n d s o f s a f e t y ; acknowledges that to succeed, one must conquer fear and sometimes recognize failure. In such a way, pupils become independent in thought and action an  know how to support others whilst also learning to value themselves.