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Boarding School in Dharampur Valsad

BR International Boarding School in Dharampur Valsad– a place where students love to come and the icing on the cake is when we get to stay here. The residential program at BR international School is like a home away from home. The environment of school is protective and attentive like home and, at the same time, makes children independent enough to grow as individuals. We provide world-class learning facilities, the tasty and healthy multi cuisine meals, friendly environment, air-conditioned rooms and helpful, friendly staff that make children happy and secure.

A place of students from all parts of the country makes the school a truly unique learning environment. Personal attention and care is provided to every child in aspects of a strong foundation of academics, cultural enrichment, personality development of the child, skill/talent development, to prepare the children for a strong career and life. All of these facilities made us the Best Boarding school in Dharampur, Valsad.

Day Boarding School in Dharampur Valsad

BR international school is a goal-oriented day boarding school in Dharampur Valsad. We run extra classes for all Boarding students so that all their doubts can get cleared effectively to ensure academic success in the examinations. We not only teach children about academics but also work on their fitness and entertainment.

Our school has all the necessary facilities for all our students like a swimming pool, gym, transport services, air-conditioned rooms, and cable TV for students, reading area, and we do routine medical checkups to all our students which are why we are the best day boarding school in Dharampur Valsad.

Choose the best Boarding School for Kids in Valsad

We are the leading boarding school for kids in Dharampur Valsad because we provide them all the facilities that help them in growing. Apart from academics, we take classes to teach them dance, music, art, all types of sports, yoga, and meditation, computer classes, etc. so that they can find their passion from an early age. We also organize a picnic for children to freshen their moods. We conduct sports day and annual functions every year to enhance the talent of the kids. So admit your kids to the best boarding school for kids in Dharampur Valsad to give them a bright future.

Facilities of Day Boarding School in Dharampur Valsad

We provide all the facilities that are required in a day boarding school. We are one of the best boarding schools in Dharampur Valsad.


We walk shoulder to shoulder with the latest technologies and we adapt to the latest techs like smart boards, the inclusion of multimedia, methods of teaching. The classrooms are designed to be naturally lit with huge windows and artificial lights. The construction of the building is such that there is a great channel of the system of airflow through corridors and classrooms. All classrooms are filled with all the required equipment and air-conditioner in every class to offer the comfort of home.

Library & media center

We have a well equipped modern library with a huge variety of books, subscribe to all major newspapers, magazines, and e-resources that provide access to the latest podcasts. We have a collection of more than 5000 books related to every industry. The library acts as an important resource center for all the students with books like reference books, subject related books, and classics and bestsellers.


To achieve the goal of a well-read mind, we provide balanced meals with high nutrition at our cafeterias. The idea to serve homely meals to kids is to give them healthy and tasty food

Music and Dance rooms

The music department works with the objective to discover new young talents and to provide them the professional training to groom their abilities to become future musicians.
Our dance studio and the team of professional choreographers enhance the dancing skills of students. Students attend regular dance lessons to learn more and more dance steps to groom their dancing skills.

Information technology

We also conduct regular IT classes for students so that they can use all the latest technologies and can work towards improving their IT abilities to enhance their skills and can make a future out of it.

Security and Safety

The entire school premises is covered under a network of CCTV cameras covering all classrooms, corridors, hallways, entry and exit points in order to ensure the safety of students all the time. This is to ensure that both students and staff are safe and to find any unsafe activities like bullying, disruptive behavior, etc. we also have trained guards at the gates of entry and exit points.

Boarding School's FAQ

We have big air-conditioner rooms for all the students with study tables and separate almirahs for all students to keep their stuff. We conduct extra classes for day-boarding students so that they can clear all their doubts.

We take all the proper steps for the hygiene of children and serve them the highest quality meal in an AC mess on the premises of the building.

The entire school premise is covered under CCTV cameras and we have highly trained guards on every entry and exit gates of the School who keeps an eye on everything in school. Without any written permission no student can go outside the school premises and no outsider can come inside the school.

The fee structure for the Day Boarding is very low compared to other day boarding schools. For more information regarding fee call us @ 08980001670,